Who to meet

E2RD Jewelry – Bojana Kovačič Zemljič is the designer of unique E2RD jewelry from Ljutomer. She lives and works in Maribor. When asked whether she is “Prlekian” or Styrian, she quickly responds: “I am Mariborian”. Bojana Kovačič Zemljič comes from Prlekija. A linguist with bold creativity in her heart, she quit the job of a Slovenian language teacher and began searching for “her own” space in the cultural center of the city that lies on the Drava River. So as to create. Today she is the proud owner of the E2RD Gallery at Gosposka Street in the center of the city, where she creates, designs, exhibits and hosts contemporary artists and their works. Her unique jewelry was also recognized by the world-renowned Hollywood film star Zoe Salanda.