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Maribor Theatre Festival

Maribor Theatre Festival is the oldest and most prestigious theater festival in Slovenia. It was named after Ignacij Borštnik, the founder of Slovenian contemporary professional theater, actor and director. Maribor Theatre Festival is held every year in the second half of October at the Slovenian National Theater Maribor and other locations in the city. In addition, every year at the closing ceremony, the prestigious Borštnik ring award for lifetime achievement is given to an actress or an actor. Since the festival also has a competitive character, there are several other awards – for a play, directing, acting, musical and other artistic achievements in the past season.

The city of Maribor is closely connected with the event, since the festival is being held since 1966, and the citizens are rightly proud of Maribor Theatre Festival. In recent years, the festival has been revived under the leadership of the art director Alja Predan, who has, during her two mandates, refreshed the festival, opened it to the international space and positioned it as a brand of the city.
Renowned domestic and international theater experts are regular festival guests. The event is also ennobled by many young people, especially students from the Ljubljana and Maribor universities – their theatrical curiosity draws them to visit the festival and socialize in the bars.