What to see

On Maribor Main Square (Glavni trg) stands a recognizable building that Maribor architect Fritz Fridriger described as ugly as a woman with saggy breasts. Hearing this, the Mariborians only smile because they know that the old Casino has always been the favorite city gathering place, as well as a dance floor that even today thrills with its impressive interior. What was once the Old City Coffeehouse and later the Casino Maribor, today is the Salon of Applied Arts, where the fashion and product design of Slovenian artists, as well as the music and words of artists and thinkers gather. The creative team that runs the program of this selected aesthetic space tries to establish an “urban exhibition” of local creativeness from the past and the present, organizes various thematic events, and invites you to have a tea in the concept store, where you can, without any doubt, find something original for yourself or your friends.

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