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Meet and experience Maribor

Maribor excites with its picturesque surroundings, mild climate and rich natural features in the north-eastern part of Slovenia. It is the cultural and tourist center of Slovenian Styria and the second largest city in the country. We believe that Maribor is a Friendly Home also for the travelers, so under this slogan, we are uncovering stories about the tradition and culture of the city, the already forgotten hidden corners, people and sights, excellent local cuisine and accommodation options.

We invite you to visit our cultural and art institutions located in the city center. These are the Slovenian National Theater, Opera and Ballet Maribor, Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor Regional Museum, National Liberation Museum Maribor, walk through the main square by the Town Hall and the Plague Symbol, take a deep breath in the city park, that stretches towards the north of the city to the slopes of the vineyards , which rise on the hills of Piramida, Mestni vrh and Calvary.

For a short and mysterious walk, head to the old city center along the river Drava. Its name is Lent, and the buildings that create it are from the period of the Middle Ages. Follow the faded path of the medieval wall from the court to the water tower past the Synagogue, witnessing a powerful medieval Jewish community that used to live in the city. Visit Žički dvor – though it is in the process of renovation – you can interest your children with a tour of the Puppet Theatre in the former Minorite monastery.

Maribor is also an exceptional sports town, known for its skiing, hiking and cycling center Pohorje. You can also take a bicycle ride to enjoy the joys and local delicacies of Maribor’s wine road, oars on the river Drava, take a walk along its embankment or in the summer months refresh yourself in the Mariborski otok. In January, we host a Golden Fox skiing competition that attracts alpine enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Festival Lent, Maribor Theatre Festival and the Festival Maribor carry the cultural festival atmosphere.

Feel the rhythm of the city of Maribor, where happy and hospitable people live!

Welcome to our city, our home!