What to eat

La pizzeria is a place that excites, calms and promises an experience. A culinary one as well. It is a piece of Italy in the center of Maribor. The pizza makers are artists who are in love with pizza, a chosen team that loves people.

Pizzas in La pizzeria are unusual due to their size (45 cm in diameter) and made from high-quality ingredients in a creative way. One of their special ingredients is burrata, a fresh Italian cheese similar to mozzarella, with a soft, creamy core. The pizza dough needs one day and one night to rise, and thanks to the high quality wheat we do not have the heavy, inflated feeling in the stomach having eaten the pizza. Their tomato pizza topping contains no water, the mozzarella is carefully selected and the spices are fresh. Cutting pizzas with big scissors creates a fun atmosphere and a tendency to “share with others”. La pizzeria interior is also social and pleasant – it is decorated with Campari lanterns, spruce tables and concrete tiles on the big counter behind which we can overlook the pizza masters at work.
Let us also point out the beer of the Schweiger family brewery – its light beer and wheat, slowly brewed beer are served only at La pizzeria. They also offer creative salads served with a loaf of bread from a baker’s oven and in-house confectioner’s desserts.